Get access to verified and reliable Tradies at a fraction of the cost!

Simple as that!

Getting works completed & offering stay, service or an experience is where the TT CREDITS comes in.

What are TT CREDITS &
how do you earn & spend them?

TT CREDITS are used to regulate the exchange of skills for stays, services or experiences. Because Travelling Tradies is a skills, stay, service or experience exchange, we need a way to manage the value of the exchange and keep everything fair and regulated for Tradies & Venues alike.

➡️  When you get a job done, we’ll charge you 60% of the cost in real Aussie Dollars and 40% in TT CREDITS. 

➡️  The app does this automatically and will send the Tradie the full value of the job in TT Credits so all is fair.

➡️  We also give you BONUS TT CREDITS when tradies redeem at your Venue. By using TT CREDITS you can offset tradie labour costs by 40%!

➡️  You can also purchase TT CREDITS at a favourable rate of $1 AUD for 3 TT CREDITS (66% off), so you can get labour at an even lower price!

➡️  When you provide accommodation, services or experiences, our Tradies pay using their TT CREDITS (which they have earned from completing jobs), so the more you can offer the more TT CREDITS you can earn.

Real Life Job Example


  • Post the job on the platform to your profile
  • Choose Tradies to complete your job / Tradies pick your jobs to complete
  • Once completed – You and TT Admin Approve the job
  • The platform instantly sends 60% of the job value in AUD and 40% in TT CREDITS to the platform (+ GST if the tradie is GST Registered)
  • Offer stays, services, experiences to earn TT CREDITS to then use to get other jobs completed
  • Buy TT CREDITS if you need a quick top up for a rate of $1:3 TT points
  • Earn bonus TT CREDITS every time a tradie redeems
  • All invoices and paper are handled by the TT platform and sent to your account for your record

This venue needed this deck job done – Worth $2500 AUD.

  • Tradie completed the job 
  • The Venue sent 60% in AUD to the platform ($1500AUD) & 40% in TT CREDITS which was deducted form their account – (This is all done automatically on the platform)
  • Venue received all relevant supporting paperwork digitally