We help you to affordably enhance your venue and conveniently connect you to reliable Tradies on our app.

Simple as that!

Getting works completed & offering stay, service or an experience is where the TT COIN comes in.

What is TT COIN and how do you spend it?

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This means you can get jobs completed for 80% OFF the normal cost.

Real Life Job Example

This venue needed a job done worth $2500 AUD.

  • The venue pays 20% of the cost to us at Travelling Tradies (to keep the business wheels turning), so in this case $500.

  • The remaining 80% gets paid to the Tradie upon completion and sign off from TT and you, in the form of 2000 TT COIN from your virtual wallet. Your app will do this automatically so you can focus on business as usual.

  • To make sure you’ve aways got enough TT COIN ahead of jobs to get done, just keep offering accomodation, services or experiences so Tradies can spend their own TT COIN which you will receive OR, top up by purchasing directly from us at a rate of $1 AUD for 5 TT COIN.

  • The remaining outstanding 500 TT COIN is paid to the Tradie by Travelling Tradies and the Tradies receives a total of 2500 TT COIN.