We connect tradies like you, to venues needing repairs, so you can leverage your skills to unlock travel, stays and experiences at a fraction of the cost.

Simple as that.

This skills exchange and choosing a stay, experience or service is where the TT CREDITS comes in.

What are TT CREDITS &
how do you earn & spend them?

TT CREDITS are used to regulate the exchange of skills for stays, services or experiences. Because Travelling Tradies is a skills exchange rather than a normal paid job, we need a way to manage the value of the exchange and keep everything fair and regulated for Tradies & Venues alike.



HIGH PRIORITY = 50% extra TT CREDITS – Job must be completed within 2 weeks

MEDIUM PRIORITY = 25% extra TT CREDITS – Job must be completed within 2 months

LOW PRIORITY = 0% extra TT CREDITS – Job can be completed whenever 

This means you can earn a rate that's better than cash (TT CREDITS), earn immediately once you complete the job and complete priority jobs to earn even more.

Swap your skills for Affordable Travel & Experiences and leverage your skills to unlock and get a massive discount on travel, stays, services and experiences at any Venue on our app and use your earned TT CREDITS (instead of cash) to pay for them.

Real Life Job Example



  • Find the job on the platform or be invited by the Venue to complete it.
  • Complete the job at a time that suits you
  • Venue and TT Admin to approve completed job 
  • Instantly receive 70% of the job value in TT CREDITS (sent to your TT WALLET automatically in the app) 
  • You will also be sent to your nominated bank account, 30% of the job value in AUD (for Income Tax) plus 10% GST component – (if registered for GST).
  • All invoices and paper are handled by the TT platform and sent to your account for your record

This venue needed this deck job done – Worth $2000 AUD. (EX GST)

  • Tradie completed the job and earned 1400 in TT CREDITS 
  • Tradie also received $600 AUD for Tax & $200 for GST 
  • Tradie receives all relevant supporting paperwork digitally

Real Experience Example


  • You can always redeem stays, services or experiences on the TT platform for 30% off using TT CREDITS (NOT CASH) – that way it’s better than using cash 


  • Find a stay, service or experience on the platform that tickles your fancy – all redemptions on the platform have a 30% discounted rate
  • Use your TT CREDITS to Book the stay, service or experience – NO CASH needed (if you don’t have enough you will have to earn more by completing jobs)
  • Have a bloody great time 
 This skydiving experience was worth $1000 AUD.
  • Tradie chose this experience through the TT app or platform
  • Tradie booked the experience and paid for the discounted booking with 100% TT Credits with a 30% discount – 700 TT CREDITS 
  • Tradie receives all relevant supporting paperwork digitally